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5 Tips for New Teachers

10 Tips for Classroom Management

20 Tips for Creating a Safe Learning Environment

Classroom Management Resources Site

New Teacher Academy on Edutopia: Classroom Management

Training Materials

This is the Timer with the clock face. It is a PowerPoint, and you can save it to your own computer.

You can add a timer extension to your browser.
There are also websites like that offer student-friendly timers for your classroom.

Student Roles for Groups

These are letter-sized posters similar to the ones we've used in training sessions that identify student roles for group activities. Included are Facilitator, Time Keeper, Recorder, Reporter, Materials Manager, and Encourager.

Assigning Seats for Grouping

You can print these off, cut them out, and give them to students either as they come in the door or after they are seated. Each piece has the group number, color, and a place for students to write their names. Then you can collect them and create your new seating chart from them. You could substitute the group number for Row number.

Dividing Text for Expert Groups

Accountable Talk Stems

COMP Ideas

If you have participated in COMP, you may find these resources helpful.

This is the alignment of the COMP modules with specific areas on the TEAM Rubric.

This word document has teacher ideas shared about Classroom Arrangement (Module 1) and Classroom Procedures (Module 2) that weren't in the COMP manual.

This excel spreadsheet has 3 worksheets. Click on the tabs at the bottom to select different lists. One sheet is a list of ideas for the 3 Learning Styles. One sheet is a list of ideas for positive consequences. One sheet is a list of ideas for checks for understanding.

PRIDE-Classroom Management class

These are resources used during the PRIDE-Classroom Management training. Notice some resources are universal for both elementary and secondary, and some are level-specific.

This is a simple recipe for effective classroom management.

These are all of your ideas about Tools for Transitions.

These are strategies used throughout your training to put in your "tool box."

Accountable Talk Stems


This is the powerpoint we used that day saved in pdf.

These are the ideas you gleaned and shared about Procedures.

These are the picture examples of organizing materials.


This is the power point used in the Middle and High School sessions.

This is the Assertiveness Scale.