PRIDE-Classroom Management is part of your induction program. Although it is not mandatory, we strongly recommend that new teachers (with no previous experience) attend this professional learning activity.

This 6.0 hour class is designed to provide first year teachers with the tools needed to effectively create a positive learning environment and to avoid the pitfalls of disorderly classrooms. Classroom Management is a critical component of delivering effective lessons. As a new teacher, you tend to worry about standards, assessments, and lesson planning. While these elements are essential to good instruction, even the best lessons can fail if proper classroom management techniques have not been utilized in a classroom. As a matter of fact, when surveyed, principals name classroom management as the greatest area of need for beginning teachers.

By the end of this class, teachers will (1) collect a toolbox of strategies for arrangement, rules and procedures, and consequences; and (2) be able to implement effective classroom management strategies in their classrooms. Teachers will complete goal sheets with actionable steps to implement classroom management strategies in their classrooms.

Dates: Jan 21, Feb 25, March 18, April 8
Register on PLAN; the classes will come up in the list when you search for PRIDE in the search box or select PRIDE from the tags in the left menu.
Additional sessions are offered throughout the school year on Saturdays.