As a new employee to Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools, you probably have lots of questions.
On this in-processing page, we will try to answer some of the frequently asked questions. Notice there is a FAQ page you may access in the left navigation bar if you don't find your question here. Let me go ahead and address a question frequently asked about in-processing: does it count for in-service credit. The answer is no. Your in-processing day is part of the hiring process. Although you learn MUCH information, it does not qualify for in-service credit according to TN guidelines.

What is the Technology AUP?

The Technology Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) is a document with guidelines for using the tech resources available to you as a CMCSS teacher. You must read and agree to the AUP in order to use CMCSS technology resources. To find the AUP, from the CMCSS webpage go to Forms, Policies and Procedures and search for TCH-A002. For a link to the Technology Department Policies page, click here.

How do I get my Laptop?

Lindsey Addison, the Technology Help Desk Technician, is in charge of all checking in and checking out of computers for teachers. On your in-processing day, she will give you a voucher for your laptop. Lindsey will send an email when your laptop is complete and ready for pick-up. (Get in the habit of checking your CMCSS email frequently.) Her office is located at Central Office. Visit the Computer First Aid page of the CMCSS website to find location information and hours of operation. When you go, be sure to take your employee ID badge. You will not receive a laptop without it.

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What Electronic Resources are available?

Visit the Empower Students wiki page to learn more about the vast technology resources available to CMCSS teachers and students. Use the eResources document as a guide to know what commonly used resources are available and how to access them. Check back periodically for updates.

How do I set up my Password?

Under the Faculty and Staff tab on the CMCSS website, click on My Login under System Software and follow the directions to change your provided password.

How do I log into my CMCSS Email account?

Because your CMCSS email account is on a web exchange server, you may access your email from anywhere you have internet access. Before you receive your laptop, you can begin using your email account. If you do not have internet access at home, you can use the public library (350 Pageant Lane Clarksville, TN 37040). Regardless of how you access the internet, your process is the same.

Go to the CMCSS website (
Roll over the Faculty and Staff tab.
When the Faculty and Staff pop up menu appears, look under Common Resources on the left side and select Email.

If you have trouble logging in...
  • Double check your password. It is case sensitive.
  • Make sure you have used your legal first and last name. We do not use nicknames in the email account.
  • Contact Tina Smith if you have continued problems. (

How do I set up my Email Signature?

Create your signature here. Copy the generated signature (everything between the gray lines - including the logo). Paste the signature into your email application by following the links provided at the bottom of the signature creation page.

Where does my SPAM email go?

"Barracuda" is the product name of the spam filter we use for your email account. The barracuda account is automatically created the first time you receive a message that is to be quarantined. You then receive an email notification that your account has been setup, as well as a nightly email notification when there are messages in your quarantine. Please review your Barracuda message to ensure you receive all necessary emails. Simply click the deliver or whitelist links to receive the selected message.

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What is Professional Learning?

Teachers could easily confuse the different terminology involving Professional Learning. Teachers often ask, "Do staff development days count toward the required in-service hours?" In a word, no. Let's review the terminology.

Professional Learning (PL) is the big umbrella covering all professional learning opportunities. PL includes all activities, workshops, training, and collaborative sessions which increase your ability to improve student achievement.There are different types of professional learning.

Staff Development is PL which occurs during a regular, contractual workday, usually at your school, without students. Because staff development occurs while you're "on the clock," it cannot count toward your 18 hours of required in-service.

In-service is PL you are required to complete as an employed, licensed teacher. All Tennessee public school teachers are required to complete 5 days, or 30 hours, of in-service. Two required, non-elective in-service days are built into the calendar. These two days (12 hours) appear on the School Calendar as “In-service Planning” Days and are conducted at individual schools in August. The remaining three days (18 hours) are represented on the School Calendar during the week of Spring Break. This time is made up outside the contractual work day (summer, weekends, after school or before school.) Teachers choose from local offerings or approved out-of-system activities. Read about out-of-system activities on the In-service page of this wiki.

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) are collaborative, collegial groups which promote quality teaching and improved student achievement through focused, purposeful, intentional learning. Do PLCs count as in-service? The answer depends on when it is held. If you meet before school or after school, it may count as in-service credit. If the PLC is an embedded part of your workday (i.e. during planning time or contractual faculty meetings), then it cannot count for in-service credit.

Sometimes, there may be workshops or training sessions outside of our district you'd like to attend. You may talk with your principal and request Professional Leave. A professional leave day is a regular, contractual workday, but instead of going to school, you attend off campus PL activities. Because it is a contractual paid workday, you may not count it toward your 18 hours of in-service. To avoid confusion, remember to register for in-service activities through PLAN.

Training is a type of credit you may receive for your professional learning activities. You receive training credit for learning that you do during the required workday. For example, you would receive training credit for professional learning during a professional leave day. We want ALL of your professional learning to be on your PLAN transcript.

Stipend is a type of credit for which you receive monetary compensation for your professional learning.

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A Visual Summary:

How many hours of In-Service do I need?

The philosophical answer? As many hours as you need to fulfill your professional learning needs.
The minimum answer? 18 hours.
The technical answer? All teachers on a 100% contract are required by the State Board of Education to complete 5 days of in-service. Think of these 5 days as 30 hours (5 days X 6 hours per day = 30 hours.) The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System requires teachers to obtain 12 of these hours on the scheduled in-service days. Thirty hours minus 12 hours equals 18 hours for you to complete on your own, outside of your contractual work day. Three days, or 18 hours are the minimum requirement. All in-service offered by CMCSS is free. You may attend as many hours as you need without overextending yourself.

If you are working less than a full contract, you may visit PLAN to determine how many hours you need. Select the Resources tab at the top of the page to view the chart outlining the required in-service hours by hire date.

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How do I sign up for In-Service?

You may search for in-service courses and register for them using the Professional Learning Activities Network (PLAN).
The path to the website is, roll over the Faculty and Staff tab, under the Professional Development category, click on PLAN. You may also use this link:]
You will use your My Login information to access the site.
For more information about in-services and PLAN, go to the In-Service page of the PRIDE wiki.

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When do I set up my Classroom?

$75.00 District-wide Stipend Classroom Preparation Day
You can earn a $75 stipend for working in your room one day before the school year begins. You register for this on PLAN. You have three options from which to choose:
  1. Work in your room one day during the week of July 19-21, with Sunday, July 23rd, being the attendance day. - OR -
  2. Work in your room one day during the week of July 24-28 with Sunday, July 30th, being the attendance day. - OR -
  3. Work in your room one day during the week of July 31-Aug 2 with Sunday, August 6, being the attendance day.

Note: Sunday is NOT an option as a set-up day; it is the “placeholder” so teachers can register via PLAN without disrupting registration for other trainings during the week.
You may work in your room anytime that your principal allows; however, you will be paid the stipend for only one day. When you are there for the stipend day, be sure to sign in on the roster. Most schools keep this in the front office.

For teachers hired after the start of the school year -
You may also earn a $75 stipend for setting up your classroom. The work must be completed outside of your regular workday. You will register for the class on PLAN by selecting the course for your work location and the section with late hire in the title.

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Where do I get Classroom Supplies?

The Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation provides a teacher "store" where you may get free supplies for your classroom. View the checkout sheet to see available items. To schedule an appointment, go to the Education Foundation page on the CMCSS website (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the CMCSS homepage. Under the Community section, click on the link to the Education Foundation. On the Ed Foundation site, hover over the Programs tab then select CMC Teacher Warehouse.) You can click on this link to navigate directly to the Online Appointment Scheduler.

  • Each visit, teachers start out with 30 points. If you bring your own bag, you get an extra 2 points. All the items in the store are worth a certain amount of points, and there is a limit on the number of each item you can "purchase."
  • Teachers receive two shopping trips a semester. If you volunteer, you can receive 1 extra shopping trip per year. New teachers receive an extra shopping day at the beginning of the year.
  • All teachers must make an appointment. This helps to keep the store from overcrowding.

Shopping Dates:

17/18 New Teacher Shop Days
Tuesday, July 25 from 1:00 - 5:00
Thursday, July 27 from 1:00 - 5:00

1st Semester Shop Days (Tuesday from 3:00pm - 6:00pm; Saturday from 8:30am - 11:30am)
August 8, 15, and 26
September 9, 12, 23, and 26
October 3, 17, and 21
November 14

2nd Semester Shop Days (Tuesday from 3:00pm - 6:00pm; Saturday from 8:30am - 11:30am)
January 9, 13, 27, and 30
February 10, 13, 24, and 27
March 13, 17, and 20
April 10

Don't forget to watch the instructional video from the Online Learning Series for full information.

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