Required Training

Suicide Prevention

This in-service is a requirement of all teachers each year. You will be automatically enrolled in the correct classs on PLAN. Since it is an online class, you will access and complete the content through PLAN. You will earn 2 hours of in-service credit for this required class, but you must complete the class outside of your regular work hours.

Annual Employee Training

Annual Employee Training is another yearly requirement. If you are hired before the start of the school year, this class will be completed with your administration in August. If you in-process after the school year begins, Annual Employee Training will be an online class you will be required to complete within one week of your in-processing date.

PRIDE District and School Orientation

Orientation is a requirement for all teachers new to CMCSS. District Orientation is a two-day class that provides the foundation for teaching in CMCSS. School Orientation is a one-day class that will acclimate teachers to the expectations specific to their building.

Bullying Awareness Training

CMCSS takes a firm stance on bullying. For this reason, bullying awareness training is a requirement of all new hires. The bullying training will allow you to better recognize, address, and prevent bullying in our schools. You will register for this class during in-processing and will have two weeks from your in-process date to complete the training.

Weekly Faculty Meetings

Your principal will tell you on which day your weekly faculty meeting will occur. Although you may participate in other activities on those designated days (e.g. data chats, PLC, book study, etc.), you are required to keep that day and time open every week.

How Many Hours of In-Service Do I Need?

All teachers on a 100% contract are required by the State Board of Education to complete 5 days of in-service. Think of these 5 days as 30 hours (5 days X 6 hours per day = 30 hours.) The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System requires teachers to obtain 12 of these hours on the scheduled in-service (planning) days. Thirty hours minus 12 hours equals 18 hours for you to complete on your own, outside of your contractual work day. Three days, or 18 hours are the minimum requirement. All in-service offered by CMCSS is free. You may attend as many hours as you need without overextending yourself.
  • Teachers often ask if college courses they take may count toward the in-service requirement. The answer is NO. You may not "double dip" or receive credit twice for the same training. If you receive college credit, you may NOT also receive in-service credit.
  • In-service hours DO NOT bank or rollover from one year to the next. Even if you earn 36 hours this year, you'll still have to earn a minimum of 18 next year. There are severe professional consequences for not completing the required hours. You may read about those in the in-service guidelines on the CMCSS website.

If you are working less than a full contract, you may visit our website to determine how many hours you need. Go to, roll over the Faculty and Staff tab, under the Professional Development category, click on Teachers. You will find the information on the page under In-Service Information. You may click on this link:

This is a copy of the information on the CMCSS website:
In-Service Requirements for Certified Staff, (200 Day Contracts) 2017-2018:
In-Service Days/Hours
Days Worked
Hire Dates
3 days / 18 hours
151 - 180 days
August 3 - September 18
2.5 days / 15 hours
121 - 150 days
September 19 - November 6
2 days / 12 hours
91 - 120 days
November 7 - January 8
1.5 days / 9 hours
61 - 90 days
January 9 - February 21
1 day / 6 hours
31 - 60 days
February 22 - April 11
0.5 day / 3 hours
0 - 30 days
April 12 - May 23
To view a calendar, go to on the home page, click on Calendar.

How do I find In-Service courses?

In CMCSS, we use an online course catalog called PLAN (Professional Learning Activities Network). There are many quick links to PLAN. From the CMCSS webpage, click on Faculty and Staff then scroll down on the right hand side to Professional Development. You'll see a link to PLAN.
You may also access PLAN using the following link: (

PLAN Basic User Information

PLAN stands for Professional Learning Activities Network, and it is our electronic in-service management program. The course catalog is online. You also manage your transcript online. Log in to PLAN and visit the resources tab to view brief videos and pdf documents to learn the functionality and features of PLAN. You may also access video tutorials from the Online Learning Series.

Searching for In-services

There are many ways to search for classes on PLAN. From the Courses tab, you may conduct a keyword search or an advanced search. If you select show all, you will have access to the left navigation menu that will allow you to narrow your search results by subject, TEAM rubric indicator, course type, or credit type.

If you can't find what you're looking for, keep checking back periodically. Classes are added to PLAN throughout the school year.

Canceling an In-service

If you need to withdraw from a class once you've registered, you must do so at least 72 hours before the in-service is scheduled to start. Simply log into PLAN and locate the option within your "My Learning Opportunities" channel on the homepage.

If it is less than 72 hours before the start of the in-service, you will need to email PlanHelp ( explaining your reason for cancellation. We understand emergencies arise, and "excused absence" status will be given for legitimate emergencies. Forgetting, oversleeping, having the wrong date, being on vacation, or just deciding not to attend are not considered emergencies. In such circumstances, you will be considered a "No Show," and you may be charged a $30 fee.

Site-Based In-Service

It is smart professional practice to attend the site-based in-services offered at your school. These are in-service activities planned especially for you and your faculty. The professional learning activities are based on the School Improvement Plan and other identified needs. You should NOT attend site-based in-services of other schools.

What if I Have Questions

All questions about in-service and PLAN should be addressed to Plan Help ( If you have specific questions about New Teacher activities, please contact Tina Smith (

Keeping Track of Hours

How do you know how many in-service hours you have earned? How do you keep track of all your professional learning activities? The answer is PLAN, the Professional Learning Activities Network. The path to the website is to Faculty and Staff to Professional Development to PLAN. You may also use this link: Once you log into PLAN, you will see a link to My Transcript within the "My Learning Opportunities" channel of the homepage.

If you have questions or concerns about your transcript, you can email Plan Help A PLAN expert will answer your email. All PLAN questions should be made to PlanHelp.

In-service Guidelines

The complete in-service requirements and guidelines document is on the CMCSS website. From the home page, roll over the Faculty and Staff tab. Under the Professional Development category, click on Teachers. The document is PRD-P001 In-Service Guidelines. You may also download the guidelines through the following link:
In-Service Guidelines

Out-of-System In-Service

You may attend conferences, workshops, trainings, etc outside of CMCSS and still receive in-service credit if it meets the guidelines and requirements. BEFORE YOU ATTEND, you must complete the Custom Professional Learning Activity Approval Form, have it signed by your principal, then send it to Josh Mason, Director of Professional Learning at Central Office for final approval. To find the approval form, from the CMCSS home page, roll over the Faculty & Staff tab and find the Professional Development category. Under Professional Development, click on Teachers. You will find the form on that page. The document is PRD-F005 Custom Professional Learning Activity Approval Form.