Induction is a term used to describe the professional support provided to new teachers. In Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools, we consider teachers “new” if they did not teach with us in the previous year. Induction activities include mentoring, collaboration among new teachers and their colleagues, and professional learning activities designed to strengthen teachers’ skills and ultimately improve student outcomes (Wang, Odell, & Schwille, 2008). Teacher induction is not additional training; instead, the Pride induction program is designed to bridge gaps in newly hired teachers’ knowledge and to acclimate them to teaching in CMCSS. So even if you are a veteran teacher with years of prior experience, we consider you new if you’ve never taught with us.

We have designed New Teacher Seminars to chunk information to you, as you need it. The Induction Seminars are described below. These are all site-based, which means you attend them at your school.

Induction Seminars

Credit: up to 15 hours of In-service

Your Site-Based Induction Specialist(s) will hold regularly occurring sessions either before or after school that address three main areas of need. One will be addressing your specific areas of need. A second will be to focus on specific goals of your school as well as upcoming events or general procedural information germane to your building. Additionally, your Site-Based Induction Specialist will help you learn about and refine your implementation of explicit instruction.

EDI Book Study

Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI)
EDI is the district's instructional model. As a teacher hired new to CMCSS, you may not be familiar with EDI. In an effort to bridge the gap, we are providing you with access to the Explicit Direct Instruction book by John Hollingsworth. You will explore the content with your Site-Based Induction Specialist during induction seminars. Even if you come to CMCSS with years of teaching experience, the EDI program will help you see the connections between the TEAM rubric and explicit instruction.

If you leave the district or choose not to participate in the book study, you will need to return the explicit instruction text to Tina Smith at Central Services South.