PRIDE Mentoring Program

Program Overview

The PRIDE Mentoring Program is a comprehensive approach to supporting new teachers. The PRIDE program involves both district personnel and faculty members at each school.

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, ASCD, defines mentoring in its education topics as follows: Mentoring is when a role model, or mentor, offers support to another person. A mentor has knowledge and experience in an area and shares it with the person being mentored.

Based on this definition and our district philosophy of comprehensive support, we have many professionals who provide mentoring support for our new teachers: site-based mentors, academic coaches, consulting teachers, administrators, and professional learning facilitators.

Mentor Categories

You will have four types of mentors in CMCSS.

1. Site-Based Induction Specialist
Each principal selects a Site-Based Induction Specialist to coordinate mentoring and induction activities at the school level. They work with the New Teacher Induction Coordinator (Tina Smith) to plan and implement site-based programs to support new teachers’ professional development through mentoring and induction. Each school has a Site-based Induction Specialist who coordinates site-based induction activities within the school. Your Induction Specialist serves as your mentor for school-specific information and for the Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) book study.

2. Classroom Experts
As part of your embedded professional practice, you will work with classroom experts in your grade level, team, and/or department. These are your fellow teachers who will help you understand the standards, set clear targets, and plan lessons through collaborative planning. Through the collaborative process, you will receive curricular and instructional support from these classroom experts.

3. Academic Coaches
Every school has an Academic Coach who supports all teachers to improve instructional practices and to improve student achievement.

4. Curriculum Consulting Teachers
Consulting teachers provide curricular, instructional, and assessment support specific to their subject areas of expertise to classroom teachers in the high schools.

Program Participants

Teachers hired new to CMCSS often wonder who participates in the mentoring program. The short answer: every teacher hired new to CMCSS. If you did not work in CMCSS last year, you are new this year and eligible for ALL induction activities, including mentoring. If you hired into CMCSS during the second semester of the previous school year, you are still eligible for all new teacher activities.