Questions to Answer

Getting acclimated to new surroundings can be a challenge. These are just a few questions to have answered by someone in your building. Some of them you may not have even realized you needed to know! Some of them may not pertain to you. Regardless, we want to take a pro-active approach and help you be prepared.

Do you know the expected attire on site-based work days?
Do you know the time to arrive, where to park, where to report, where to get keys?
Where is everything? Tour the school.
Who is your mentor?
Do you know where the following people or destinations are?
_ bookkeeper
_ attendance secretary
_ school counselor
_ custodians
_ nurse
_ restrooms
_ teacher mailboxes
_ where to turn in lesson plans
_ where to store sub folder
_ copy room
_ media center
_ faculty lounge/refrigerator/microwave

School Procedures and Policies:
Do you know about required Faculty Meeting day and time?
Do you have a copy of your school’s teacher handbook and student handbook?
Do you know the following Morning procedures?
_ bus drop off
_ breakfast
_ homeroom/advisory
_ signing in/out
_ collecting fees or other monies
_ lockers
_ duty assignments/stations/expectations
_ morning announcements
_ bookstore
Do you know Emergency procedures (booklet, biohazard kit, or lock down procedures)?
Do you know about Sick leave procedures?
Do you know how to use the Copy machine, copy limits, & pass codes?
Do you know about the following Record Keeping procedures or have these prepared?
_ Collection logs
_ Purchase orders
_ Attendance
_ Emergency cards
_ Discipline referrals
_ Student conduct/behavior records
_ Student Information sheets
Do you know Dismissal and after school expectations?
Do you know the Daily schedule?
Do you know Special schedules?

Classroom Procedures:
Have you prepared your class rules and procedures?
Is there a letter to go home with students?
Have you thought about makeup work, turning in papers, handing back papers, etc?
Is there a student suggested supply list?
How will parent contacts and discipline records be maintained?
Do you know discipline referral procedures, including ISS?
Are you prepared for transient students? How will you acclimate new students?

Lesson Plans and Instructional Information:
Do you know how to find the curriculum pacing guide and standards? (use the Curriculum Navigator)
Do you know lesson plan procedures? (Is there a template? E-copy or hard copy? Due date?)
How will grades be calculated?
Do you have a plan for the first week of school, particularly the first half day and first full day?
Do you know what to do on the first half day of school?
Do you know what to do on the first FULL day of school?
Do you have enough textbooks? Do you know how to request them?
Do you know about progress reports?
Do you know about inclusion, IEPs, Support-Team (S-Team), or other special services for your students?