On the CMCSS Website

Many quick links to valuable resources are located on the CMCSS website. At the top of the home page, roll over Faculty and Staff, and you'll see numerous quick links. Time off requests, the curriculum navigator, and the PLAN log in page are just a few quick links you'll find there.

Instruction Resources

Teachers are evaluated using the Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM). The TEAM rubrics can be found on the CMCSS website by hovering over the Faculty and Staff tab and selecting TEAM under the Teacher Resources section. You can also use the following direct link to the documents.
Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM)

Both Bloom's Taxonomy and Webb's Depth of Knowledge are used within the district. Keep the following documents handy while writing assessments and planning lessons.

Explicit Instruction, sometimes referred to as EDI or EI, is used throughout CMCSS. The following documents will provide insight into the basic components of explicit instruction, the connections to the TEAM rubric, and the responsibilities of both the teacher and students. For more information on explicit instruction, please see the Online Learning Series, your mentor, or your academic coach.

Rigor and Relevance is a term you may hear used throughout the district. The term connects to the framework in the next pdf. Rigor connects to the level of thinking in the lesson (Y axis). Relevance is how the material connects to the students (X axis).

Check in your building to see if you will be teaching any students on a 504 plan. Below is a quick reference card to get you started. See your guidance counselor as they are usually the ones who manage the 504 plans.

Our district has a growing population of English Language Learners. If you have any ELL students in your classroom, you may find the next document helpful in designing your lessons to better meet your students' needs. For more information, see the ESL teacher in your building or the contact information on the second page of the document.

If you teach in a Title I school, there are additional resources available to you, your students, and their parents. Please see the next document for some basic program information.

The Teacher Warehouse

The CMCSS Education Foundation provides a teacher "store" where you may get free supplies for your classroom.Check out a video tour of the Teacher Warehouse on the PRIDE Online Learning Series.
The Teacher Warehouse is located at Central Services South, 1312 Hwy 48/13.

To make your appointment go to http://www.appointmentquest.com/scheduler/2150072730
You must create an account before you can make an appointment.

  • Each visit, teachers start out with 30 points. If you bring your own bag, you get an extra 2 points.
  • All the items in the store are worth a certain amount of points, and you have a limit on the amount of a particular item you can "purchase." View the Checkout Sheet for items and amounts.
  • Teachers receive two shopping trips a semester. If you volunteer, you can receive 1 extra shopping trip per year. New teachers receive an extra shopping day at the beginning of the year.
  • All teachers must make an appointment. This helps to keep the store from overcrowding.

Classroom Management Resources

Click here to go to the Classroom Management Resources page for a variety of resources and tips to use in your classroom. This includes ideas shared during COMP workshops.