Program for the Retention and Induction of District Educators
What is PRIDE? In the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, it means many things. Pride refers to the feeling of value and importance we place on our students and our employees. It refers to the sense of achievement we feel for our work. You may hear and read about students, employees, and community members receiving Point of Pride awards as recognition for outstanding accomplishments or service. Most often, PRIDE refers to the acronym for the Program for the Retention and Induction of District Educators. As a teacher hired new to CMCSS, you are part of PRIDE. This wiki is dedicated to your induction and acclimation. We hope you visit it often and find the resources and links helpful. Notice the links on the left side. Click away! If you have ideas about information or resources to include, feel free to email Tina Smith (

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Program for the Retention and Induction of District Educators: An Overview

The graphic organizer below provides an overview of PRIDE. On the menu on the left, you can access a corresponding page for each PRIDE component. The pages provide details for each part of the program.